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19th January 2011

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Hi guys,

Well, it’s late, almost 1am, but I just felt the urge to come on here and write something down because it won’t be long now, less than two weeks until the book finally hits the shelves.

What a weird feeling it is. A weird exciting feeling, one that I don’t quite know what to make of it because it all just feels so surreal. My own book, about a motorbike trip I did from Sydney to London, something in itself which doesn’t yet feel real. Almost as though I’ve dreamt the whole thing and soon I’ll wake up, like when I was seven and dreamt that I was holding a carrier bag containing all the He-Man toys that had ever been made, only to wake up and realise all I had was He-Man and BamBam.

No, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Anyhow, so I’m just up trying to get things sorted and figure stuff out ahead of the launch. I’ve been putting all the pics up on Facebook for people to scrolll through and I’m now working on the F&Q section for the tab at the top of this page but I think I’m going to have to go to bed soon because I’m sleepy.

We’ve been out for dinner tonight to a Pakistani restaurant which I think masquarades as an Indian because I assume it’s better for business. It was my birthday last saturday so we went for that; just my mum and dad and brother and sister in law. It was nice, and tasty. It’s on the A64 from York to Scarborough if anyone’s interested.

Tomorrow I’m going to give Dot a clean, just in case her paperwork comes through and she can come on the plane with me back to Australia. She has to be spotless you see, or else customs get shirty and make you pay a lot of money to have her steam cleaned when she gets there. So it’s best to do the job yourself.

I really would like Dot to come back with me. I feel she has a right to after all she had to put up with. It seems such a shame to leave her in the shed, not doing the job she was so good at doing; riding.

But we’ll see. Tonight is tonight and tomorrow is tomorrow and who knows what might happen then.

Til then.
Nate and Dot

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