East Timor – Day two

Day two in East Timor and it’s not the locals giving me the willies but the Indonesians. You see I have to get a visa from their embassy here before I can cross in to West Timor next week, so I went there this morning to apply. “No motorbikes allowed,” said the man on the […]

Welcome to East Timor

Well I’ve made it. I landed in Dili, the capital, this morning at about 7am and duly shit myself as every taxi driver in town tried to take me to a destination I didn’t yet have. I’d planned as far the wheel’s of the plane landing. They’d just done that. Now I was clueless. I […]

All Aboard

Piff poff piff, we’re all ready to go. Dot Cotton’s on the boat – see Mad Millward video for info – my flight’s booked for tomorrow morning so we’re all ready to go. Just doing a bit of research on Timor now. Apparently they use US dollars so that’s handy to know, as is news […]