I’ve stopped whinging now…

Right, a few people responded to my last email saying it sounded like I was whinging, moaning, complaining, which I suppose I was. Let me explain. Crossing the islands from Timor to Flores to Sumbawa and then to Lombok, where I sent the email, was tough. Traveling alone on a bike you feel vulnerable. You […]

Hey mister hey mister hey mister

No piss off and leave me alone. Seriously, this place is twisting my melon, man. Every single friggin step you take outside your hotel or down the road or over the hill you’ve got this pounding soundtrack provided by these Indonesian youths who sit in their little shacks or on their mopeds and harrass you. […]

Spit but I’d rather they swallow

Alright this is going to have to be quick cos the clock’s ticket and the money’s running out. Yesterday the sun shone and the ferry ran, which meant that at last I could leave Kupang in West Timor behind and head for greener horizons on the island of Flores. There was just one problem. The […]

Two for the price of one

I’m in a bit of a rush, so here’s two updates in one. Sorry. The other day I said I was going to do a loop around East Timor before I continued on to England. Well I changed my mind. I don’t know what it was but as I started heading east along the coast […]

Travelling without moving

Well call me a fish and send me up the river, for I’ve now been in East Timor a fortnight and don’t look like leaving anytime soon. Why? Because while I’ve been waiting for Dot Cotton to arrive and then a parcel for my parents, I’ve sat on my hands and done bugger all. That […]