Radio Ga Ga

I had a radio interview with BC York today. I’ve done one every week for the past three. I just talk about the trials and tribulations I’ve faced that week and talk daft about Dot’s health and mine too. The last two have gone ok, not amazing, but ok. Today’s though was terrible. I was […]

Midnight Run

I got up yesterday expecting an email from a man who I thought could sort my insurance out. At 9am it wasn’t there, nor at 10am or 11. I was sick of sitting around waiting, I had itchy feet, a scratchy bum, I had to do something ’cause i would have pulled out whatever hair […]

Night Rider

Well pull my nob and feed it to the ladyboys, we’ve made it Thailand!!! But crikey it was tough. Punctues, monsoon rain, stiff-lipped border officials  and a town where in every house lived a whore. Or so it seemed. The day started in Cameron Islands, a place described quite accurately by my good friend Laura […]

I’ve found them…

… sadly not in the Austrian girl’s bra, but hiding amongst my socks and pants beneath the hostel bed. Idiot.   All good to go then. It’s raining now so in the morning me and Dot are going to hit the road and pick a dirction. North, East, West or South. We’re not sure yet whether to […]