Pistols at dawn

It’s Wednesday night, I’m in my hostel room abusing the free wifi provided at the place next door and have been contributing to this; http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=205&t=684769&mid=63424&i=0&nmt=Pakistan…%20Taliban…&mid=63424 It’s a discussion forum on the trouble in Pakistan and with everyone saying how dangerous it is I thought I’d chip in. Initially I was getting flamed for saying it’s […]

One down, two to go

Well, that’s it. The visa for Pakistan. Inked by hand and everything. It wasn’t as hard to get as I thought. The indian one should also be easy. Down to the embassy tomorrow, put in an application and a cheque for fifty quid and it should be stamped in my passport within five days. Or […]

And now the news… (words or video)

It’s ten past ten where I am. Bangkok. I’m sat  at my desk in a room painted beige with one window that faces a wall and another looking out to a corridor at the end of which is the bog. Bits and bobs are scattered everywhere. Dot’s naked, it’s all on the floor. Tents and […]

Deep breath

Dribs and drabs, that’s all I’ve been giving lately. I thought then that I should have a quick sneeze over everything that’s been happening. For a start the holiday’s over. Raylee left tonight, went back to Sydney, now very sad, lonely, but we had a very nice time down in Koh Chang relaxing on the […]