Down tools

Hi guys, Still in Pokhra, though not by choice. Got a touch of the bad bottom which is keeping me chained to the porcelain throne. Two toiled rolls down, two to go. Anyway, my belly’s grumbling which means it might explode at any minute, so here a few videos until I get back. One’s not […]

Walking sucks…

…. Or is it just me? Because two days into this long hard march in to the vast Nepalese wilderness I said sod this, I’ve had enough and turned round. I don’t know if it has anything to do with being sat on a bike for four months and having a bulging muscle in my […]


… for now. Not sure I’ll get back online before I leave on the trek tomorrow so just wanted to say goodbye for a week or so. We’re doing the Annapurna circuit, well, half of it at least cause I think I’ll be ready to catch a bus the rest of the way back. In […]

Dot’s Back

eah. She’s back, my good old girl, in one piece and raring to go. And I’m amazed to say it, but in the end it was pretty easy. At the gate I said no thanks to the fella offering to help me get my package. But security wouldn’t let me in without one of these […]