Back to the Future

Rather than up the Indian map, today I travelled back down, to Delhi. And all because I should have applied for a Chinese visa the last time I was here. Instead I thught it’d be nice to escape to the moutains, forgetting completely that while we might have found a way for Dot to get […]

Decisions decisions

Welcome to Nathan’s geography lesson, brought to you live from the staircase of the Roof Top Guesthouse, Delhi. If you can make any sense of what I’m waffling about then please email and clarify it all for me. I’m getting confused by it all. Good luck.

Mind bomb

Alrighty guys, It’s only been afew days since I last posted but oh so much has happened I don’t really know where to start. First of all the Iranian embassy here in Delhi said no to a tourist visa. They just fobbed me off, not a no exactly, more a ‘go home to England and […]