Well, we made it. An easy peasy border crossing stalled only by the four Indian checkpoints that all had to write down passport and vehicle details and we were on the other side; Pakistan. The same but slightly different is how you could compare it to India, but even just those nuances, those little extra […]

Back again

Hi all, Ah it’s glad to be back. We had a little break from it all for a while, said sayanara (or however you spell it) as we dashed from embassy to embassy trying to keep Dorothy’s show on the road. And now that we’ve done. We’ve got a new route. No longer through Iran […]


The chicken’s been hatched and so as the egg, because on Monday I should pick up a freshly printed Chinese visa. Add to that the Kyrgyzstan stamp I collect on Tuesday and its fair to say the ball is well and truly rolling. I’ve appointed the agency to get me into China and while that […]


Just been to Chinese visa service centre. No joy. I need different documents because I’m travelling by bike and that’s led to a chincken and an egg scenario. They need documentation from the agency arranging Dot’s entry which will only be made possible once I’ve paid. And at $2,000 that’s not a price I want […]