A quick one from Kazakhstan

Yup, we made it. Crossed the border yesterday in the company of Andreas and Claudia, which I have to say was a real honour what with those two being responsible for Dot’s revival. Without them I’d be back in Bishkek throwing spanners. We camped together last night and now they’re off, riding at a reasonable […]

Dorothy’s bits

Alright, what you’ve got there is the video of all the bits I needed to get Dot on the road arriving, topped by the pictures that my German biker buddies; Andreas and Claudia took to record the triumphant day that Dororhy lived again. But it wasn’t easy, oh no. For a start we couldn’t decide […]

Going nowhere

Morning glory. Really not much to report. Me and Dorothy are just kicking back in Kyrgyztan waiting for my Russian visa to come through and for her parcel to arrive so I can get her running right. Hopefully not many more days because we’re getting bored. Bishkek, the capital, is okay though. Full of pretty […]

Stage report Four

Hi guys, just a quick note in the middle of dashing around for Russian and Kazakhstan visas but I’ve just updated ‘Stage Reports’ with a summary of Nepal, India and Pakistan. It’s a bit long but if you’re bored….