Pics from the party



My mum’s nagging me now because I’m sat on the sofa still in my dirty riding trousers and the same t-shirt I’ve had on since Saturday. She wants to wash them but I’m hanging on to them for dear life. To see myself in new clothes is going to be weird. Same with the beard. […]

Made it!!!

Well, we did it. Sydney to London on a moped called Dorothy. We’re now just absolutely shattered so off to bed but wanted to first thank you all for following all this way. It’s been a real blast from beginning to end with it hard to believe it’s now all over. No more riding, no […]

Still in Germany

We watched Long Way Aroudn last night, it was the first time I’d seen it. Quite honestly at the beginning I was embarrassed for them. Office space, secretaries, gun training, advisors, Russian lessons, I thought it was one big joke. I sat there thinking I left Sydney with two days notice, on a bike I’d […]


Just having breakfast in the hotel/hostel restaurant. WOW. They’ve got cheese and salami and cereal and fruit and cake and coffee and tea and pots of honey and everything. It’s here, and walking around town last night, that makes me realise just how far we’ve travelled. When I think what it was like in India […]