Tuesday 1st Feb. MAde it to Sydney

Bit of a long slog down the coast from Grafton yesterday, with a stop off to replae a busted CGI unit but we made it, coasting over the Harbour Bridge just after 7pm. A grea feeling. Nice to be back. If you hear and see a very loud postie bike around sydney,  say hello… Right, […]

31.01.10 Grafton

Just a quick update. It’s just gone 6am and I’m in a McDonalds in Grafton. I camped on a site on the outskirts of town and am just about to hit the road. I was hoping to get to Taree last night but I think the jetlag kicked in and so after 12 hours on […]

29.01.11 Back in Oz!

I’ve just wrote this, but somehow it’s disappeared and I can’t remember what I wrote. No matter. It said that I was back in Australia, in Bryon Bay, riding a posite bike down the coast from Brisbane to Sydney. Sadly it’s not Dorothy because her documents didn’t come through in time so she had to […]

Washing Dot

I’d planned on bringing Dot back to Australia with me for the book ‘launch’ and for her to get through quarantine she’d have to be spotless. So I wheeled in to the garage and spent a few days polishing her up ready for the flight back. Only problem is her documents haven’t turned up so […]

19th January 2011

Hi guys, Well, it’s late, almost 1am, but I just felt the urge to come on here and write something down because it won’t be long now, less than two weeks until the book finally hits the shelves. What a weird feeling it is. A weird exciting feeling, one that I don’t quite know what […]