24th Feb, Sydney, Book launch

It’s not going to be anything glitzy or glamorous, but on Thursday 24th Feb, in the Dymocks bookstore on George Street,  I’m holding a one hour author talk whick kinda acts like my unnoffical book launch. It starts at 6pm and will involve a postie bike being brought in to the bookshop with me telling […]

07.02.11. Balmain, Sydney

Hello everybody, It’s Tuesday night, getting late, almost midnight and my eyes are falling sleepy. I’ve been back in Sydney a week now and it ‘s been interesting to say the least. Interesting because I didn’t know what to expect, what to encounter; a book, on the shelf, called Going Postal, the one that I wrote. […]

Some pics from the ride down to Sydney

I know, not many, but I was kind of in ‘riding’ mode so was quite happy to just keep going and not feel the need to pull over and take some snaps. But I’ve got to ride back up to Brisbane to take the bike back at some point so I’ll get some more then. […]