More pics of the rebuild

Well, she starts. First kick! A few things to adjust and check. Currently the indicators don’t work, the timing chain needs setting and she needs a few more overall checks. But very close to being back on the road, which feels good…

Today the real postman came

I mentioned the other day that I’m currently in the process of rebuilding Dot, something which proves quite a problem what with her being an Australian post bike and never officially sold in the UK. Getting parts is therefore difficult and problematic, which is why I’m incredibly grateful to Joe and the rest of the […]

The rebuild begins

It’s been over two years since me and Dot rode in to London and completed the journey. In that time I’ve been working on the book and doing other things while she’s largely been shut away in the shed at the bottom of the garden and forgotten about. Well, not forgotten, perhaps just neglected. Out […]