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The Long Ride ‘Home’ – Buy the book

Well, it’s taken some doing but I’m finally proud to announce the release of my book; The Long Ride ‘Home’.

The book is a tale of my adventure of my adventure from Sydney to London on a 105cc Honda called Dorothy. Together we covered 35,000 kilometres, passed through eighteen countries and took nine months to get from one side of the world to the other. It was adventure conducted on  a whim, with no planning and only two days preparation. It was simply a case of saying, ‘well, I’m going to give it a go and see how far we get. And from there it was one day, month and mile at a time.

My favourite countries were Thailand, East tImor and Pakistan, and if you have a look at the ‘photo tab at the top you’ll be able to see all the images I took from those countries. There are also videos, maps and other things.

As for the book, well, it was originally published by HarperCollins in Australia under the title of ‘Going Postal’ where it’s currently sold around 4000 copies. This however is my own version, more widely available and retitled as I think the new name sums up better what the trip was about. I’ve also added more images, 140 in total, and weaved them throughout the book in order to help set the scene of where I am and what I’m up to at that particular point.

All in all, it’s not really a motorcycle book, or even a travel book, it’s just my story, a personal one, of how I came to be in Austalia and how I subsequently ended up riding ‘home’ again.

(please not, price only applies to postage within UK. If outside of UK just drop me an email (nathanmillward121 @ and I’ll let you know the difference. Usually an extra £4. Thanks)

There is also a Kindle version, available here, and an ebook edition availalbe here.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Nathan (and Dorothy)

22 thoughts on “The Long Ride ‘Home’ – Buy the book

  1. Nathan, loved the honesty of this book and that it wasn’t just about the geography of the trip but your personal musings and admissions of human frailty. Related a lot to that. As a 125cc Scooter owner I’m only just starting to push my boundaries and take Vi out of town. Soon, an overnighter! Oohh (gasp). Thank you for sharing a bit of your life. It made a difference.

  2. Nathan, just thought I’d say hi, having been told by Sam Manicom to go meet you at the MCN, and then having the fun of insulting the Ride experts. Anyway, I’ve only dipped into the book so far but, man, is it good. I’m hooked already, and you’re still in NSW. If I have one criticism it’s the cover, it’s far too cluttered.

    Good luck on the road, from one fellow small bike rider to another (he said smug at the 15bhp of his Derbi Terra Adventure).

    PS. Saw one for sale on ebay for £1500 in Scotland. You know you want it.


  3. After hearing your talk at Ripley in 2011 (best talk of the event by far) I was well chuffed to see your book available in the UK on kindle. Just finished reading it this very nightand I loved it as much as hearing your story first hand, well done and thank you. FYI the kindle has no pictures, but nevermind as an ADV inmate myself your ride report was easy to find which contained plenty of pictures (about 1/3 through it) Also your YouTube channel has a plethora of interesting videos. You’re probably asked this all the time but what are you planning next and can we expect the same literary treatment? Your book has temporarily quenched my own thirst for travel. I plan to travel Mongolia and Siberia later in the year, although not on moped but my BMW F800GS. Thanks again Nathan and I look forward to hearing more moto adventures from you soon. 

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  5. Nathan, Am in my early 70’s. Love travel books. Got your book out of our local Library (Bright, Victoria, Oz) on Tuesday 14th Feb. Have just finished same at 4.30 pm, Thursday 16th. What a great adventure. Couldn’t put your book down. I laughed, I cried, I worried if you would get through. Thank you for a great read and Well Done! I will recommend this book Well done Nathan. Joan

  6. Hi Nathan
    I hope this gets to you .
    I would just like to say that I have just finished reading your book “The long Ride Home “ and what a dam good read it was . Thank you
    I would also like to add that I wish you good luck and good fortune and more importantly Good Health in what ever the rest of your life holds for you .
    Take Care and give “Dorothy “ a pat on the tank from me
    Mike Whitworth

  7. Hi Nathan, Great to meet you at the Ace Cafe – got the book – just a great read – many thanks and happy travelling for you and Dorothy.. Nigel

  8. Just finished the book…read it in two days and that’s good for me these days. Loved the personal touch too. Remember if you are ever in the Trossachs area you already have my address so feel free to pop in for a tea/biscuit combo. Last house before the school. see ya

  9. Hello i have very much enjoyed reading your book, it is an inspiration. i love the way you left un prepared and winged it, brilliant. I am a huge fan of the smaller motorcycle myself and would love to set off on a jaunt myself, i managed a jolly to spain and loved every minuit of it,a superb read , All the very best to you and if you ever get to the isle of wight please look up the C.R.O.W sunday run, 10 am sunday from halfords. ride safe KEN

  10. Just finished your book, what an adventure and an excellent read. Just proves that you don’t need a BMW GS or a camera crew to have an adventure. Hope that everything is working out for you and I hope to read more of your adventures in the future. Take care, Guy.

  11. Nathan. Brilliant adventure captured in a truly brilliant book.  Inspiring stuff. Hope all is well with you. Best wishes. Kev

  12. Hi Nathan, couldn’t get your book via the publisher web-site link you provided so I’ve just paid through paypal to get one direct from you. Hopefully it will arrive soon as even after reading only half a dozen or so pages on site I struggled with the temptation to just print it off there and then!

    I assume my address will come through to you via paypal? If not let me know. Cheers – looking forward to a great read!

  13. What a great read summed up perfectly in the last two lines of your summary it had everything from drama, excitement, pure reality of the world we live in and sadness not ashamed to say the eyes watered seeing the photo hugging your mum, the only downfall was you & mandy not making it but hey we don’t live in a perfect world hope it was all worth it look forward to the next instalment. Ride Safe the Hogmeister.

  14. Hi Nathan and Dot,
    Just finished “The Long Ride Home” and absolutely loved it. I’ve read most of the “motorcycle around the world” travel books and have to say that the more “rough and ready” adventures, such as yours, are the best reads. Always wanted to do a ride myself, since watching “mondo enduro” a few years ago but found your thoughts in chapter 16 about cherishing what you have and on the declarations of St Augustine quite profound. Thanks for a great read. Ride safe. Rob

  15. Fascinating book, well worth a read! An honest book , and a genuine insight into the highs and lows of long distance motorcycling. My bike, a BMW f650 funduro, sits patiently in my garage, week by week , slowly having bits and bobs added in anticipation of my big adventure. When will that adventure be ? I don’t really know, it can be so hard untangling ones self from ordinary life, finding that moment when my departure would not mean disaster to others who depend on you. But in the meantime, my hopes are kept alive by reading about the adventures of other brave folk who make the break and live their dreams

  16. Hi Nathan I would love to read your book as doing almost the same trail myself next year. Having trouble finding paper copy if you can advise me on where to buy please. Happy Travels. Suzi

  17. What a man, brilliant book. I wish i’d had the guts to  do a trip  like that 20 years ago. Makes me wonder whether I really need a 1200GS for my 50 mile Sunday morning ride out !!

  18. Hey Nathan, I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Birmingham Bike Show last Saturday (24 Nov) and got an insight into the magnitude of your trip. I got an little insight into you (the adventurer) too, what a dude… utmost respect! I bought your book, started it that night and am enjoying every page. I’m looking forward to reading of your exploits in the USA. slainte Cal Wait

  19. Picked the book up off you yesterday at “Motorcycle Live”. Was good to chat to you. I have just read the book (ok i did stop for a sleep half way through) and it hasn’t put me off…yet. Although i would probably take a little more time over preparation. You had some guts to leave with only two days to prepare, on such a small bike and with so little kit. I’ll let you know if/when i’m off 🙂


  20. I have just read the kindle edition and i could not put it down.
    Very enjoyable and thank you.
    Look forward to your next trip 🙂

  21. Hi 

    Where Can I buy your great book because I had tried everywhere in the UK?