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29.01.11 Back in Oz!

I’ve just wrote this, but somehow it’s disappeared and I can’t remember what I wrote.

No matter.

It said that I was back in Australia, in Bryon Bay, riding a posite bike down the coast from Brisbane to Sydney.

Sadly it’s not Dorothy because her documents didn’t come through in time so she had to stay at home. Instead it’s a bike that Joe at One Ten Motorcycles has very kinldy lent me. There are some pics below and she’s a real beauty. And loud as well!

Hopefully be in Sydney tomorrow or Tuesday.

I was hoping to be in the city the day my book comes out but I’ve just had an email from a friend in Melbourne who says she’s just bought a copy, so it looks like I’m a day or late. Never mind.

It’s been asked by a few people if there’ll be a launch party and while nothing is planned at the minute, I’m hoping once I get to Sydney I can set something up at short notice, even if it’s just at a book shop or something. It’d be great to meet everyone.

I plan on being around for at least a month, maybe a little longer – see how it goes – so no dramas.

And just to mention; for those people abroad who’ve registered for a book, if you could just be patient another day or so, when I get to Sydney I’ll get it all sorted and very soon send you all an email with instructions on how to get hold of a copy if you’re still interested. Sorry it’s taken a while to confirm the details.

Right, here’s the bike I’m heading down the coast on;

Just finished my coffee so I’m going to hit the road and hopeully reach Taree by this evening. We’ll see..

Alright, see you on the road, ride safe.

Nathan and new bike (yet to be named)

Ps1. Sorry I’m not smiling very much. It was like 5am this morning.
Ps2. I’m just having my first proper Aussie coffee and it tastes so good.
Ps3. Thankyou to everyone who might be coming to this website after buying the book.
Ps4. If anyone would like to do me a favour, could you email Joe at One Ten Motorcycles and thank him for lending me the bike and being an all round top guy. A few people have done so in the past when he helped me with parts when I was Kyrgyzstan, and he was chuffed.
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2 thoughts on “29.01.11 Back in Oz!

  1. Wot ?!  No handstand?

    As for the new bike, what about “TOD” ???  You’re reversing the route, so reverse DOT.
    Or, to honour DORIS’s small but important part in the trip, “SIROD”.


  2. Wow, I can’t believe on the day you were in Byron Bay, I was buying your book at Bangalow Newsagents (just up the road). I am really enjoying the book, and have been reading parts aloud to my 9 year old daughter who is loving it too. Welcome back, look forward to reading more of your travels. On the subject of name for your new bike, my grandmother never knew if her real name was Doris or Dorothy, she was always called Doris, Dot or Dolly. I don’t suppose……