The Bike

31.01.10 Grafton

Just a quick update. It’s just gone 6am and I’m in a McDonalds in Grafton. I camped on a site on the outskirts of town and am just about to hit the road.

I was hoping to get to Taree last night but I think the jetlag kicked in and so after 12 hours on the road I called it a day.

Coincidentally, I’m in the same McDonalds where two years ago I emailed my mum and dad to tell them I was two days into the adventure, heading north. I can’t believe only two years have passed, it feels like ten.

I keep looking across at the other side of the highway imagining a postie coming the other way with a milkcrate on the back and a clean shaved, wet around the ears pom on a race to get him and the bike to Darwin out of Oz before the visa ran out. Strange days.

Right, gotta hit the road. The sun’s up.

See ya.

One thought on “31.01.10 Grafton

  1. Nathan. Bought your book a week or so ago. Feeling rather poorly with a bad dose of flu, I asked my poor caring wife to bring your book through to me. Started reading it at 10am and finished it at 8pm the same day! I couldn’t put it down. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your highs and lows. Got so involved I even shed a tear or two here and there. Whoever the real Mandy is, she is the loser in the story, in my eyes anyway.