A bit of Bollywood


Only me, from India.

I crossed this morning from Nepal and am now in some town, staying at some place that reports to be awanky but in fact is rather not.

But all’s good. Been a bit of a wacky wave since I landed in Kathmandu. I stayed there for a few days, then took off on this walk I told you about last time. Well I didn’t finish that because it was too heard and little legs didn’t feel like they’d make it another 10 days round this mountain which wasn’t Everest but another one. Annapurna Circuit; the clues in the name.

Anyway, in the company of two French walking mates I surrendered. I know, a yellow-bellied thing for an Englishman to do but I just thought sod it, this isn’t for me. So on day two I turned round and came back.

And what a good job it was, because for the next week I was stuck in some hotel with my bottom glued to the toilet. I was weak and weay, my legs were shot and my body was as tough as jelly. Worn out. I was also setting off also sorts of stinky explosions from my backside, so I took a book to the loo and sat there for a week and blew off my o-ring. On the Road I’m reading; it’s alright.

Yesterday morning I felt a bit better so again – it must be my moto – i thought sod this and left, heading south from Pokhara down towards the border. I don’t know what my intention was. Cross immediately, find a few other things to do in Nepal.; like a safari perhaps.

But no, I had this involuntary pull towards my destination; England, so stayed at Budha’s birthplace right next to the crossing and hopped over the fence this morning. And to be honest I’m in a bit of a muddle. I want to see places south of here but feel I should be heading to Delhi to try and sort this visa out for Iran which still hasn’t come through. Now I’m in this no-name town, manic, chaotic it is, like the rest of this country, and I’ll be honest this is the hardest part of the trip. The reality of it.

I’m a bit lonely.

It’s all well and good seeing these places but after while you get bored of seeing them on your own. Taking pictures on your own. Dancing naked in the mirror on your own. Sat eating on your own. It means I’m getting an incredible urge to fire head first at the rest of the journey and flatten it in one. Just go for it. Non stop to England. But I can’t load the gun ’til that visa comes through. Which it might not at all judging by the rest of the English people I’ve spoken to who’ve had there’s rejected. They don’t like us you see. n if that happnes then what; there is no plan two.

It’s also incredibly hot being summer here. 48 degrees in Delhi at the minute with a monsoon on the way. Just perfect.

So if you’ve ever sat reading one of my reports thinking I wish I was there, believe me, you don’t, not right now. Although if you were here a hug would be nice.

x x x

3 thoughts on “A bit of Bollywood

  1. Hang in there bro…the wheels will start movin’ in the right direction.


  2. Well, then from Anneke and me, you’ll get a distant hug. Summer is starting here and fortunately, it’s only about 20 degrees Celsius. Keep up your spirit, try to think about, no, imagine, how it was at home. The grass is always greener… the rest you know yourself. You know what helped me (when I was your age and felt lonely in a remote country)? Going to the movies, watching Rambo and movies alike. That really made me feel home again. Don’t know why. Doesn’t matter, does it?

  3. Nothing I can say that’ll pick you up but I’ll be greeting you when you arrive in London. See you on the other side.