A quick one from Kazakhstan

Yup, we made it.

Crossed the border yesterday in the company of Andreas and Claudia, which I have to say was a real honour what with those two being responsible for Dot’s revival. Without them I’d be back in Bishkek throwing spanners.

We camped together last night and now they’re off, riding at a reasonable pace while I cruise along at 65km/h disappearing further an further behind. But I reckon we’ll catch them. Have you heard of tortuoise and the hare?

Kazakhstan’s pretty cool and easy to ride, with the people just a little like Borat but not quite. You can tell it’s a rural place with people taking pleasure in simple things. But they’re nice, and beep and wave a lot.

The 7th is the day the Russian visa starts, so between now and then we’re just going to lope our way across this big shrubland in the hope we get to the border that very day. But that would take careful planning and we’re not much cop at that.

The toothbrush repair is holding up grand with not a drop spilt or even a smear. In fact Dot’s going better than I ever remeber her. Real tight on the throttle, responsive and just that bit better on the hills now I’m running a smaller sprocket. If we’d have had 15 teeth from the start I reckon we’d be home now.

Alas we didn’t, so instead we’re on a collision course with a Calais ferry on the 17th September. I can’t wait. I’m tired now and starting to look for the quickest way home, not necessarily the best.

But we still want to go to the ski resort I did my first season, still want to lap the Nurburgring, still want to buy a ‘hung’ in Switzerland.

All in good time….

See ya later.

2 thoughts on “A quick one from Kazakhstan

  1. dude the 17th OCT!!!!!

    you have no chance of 17th Sept

  2. Hey bud how’s things. I thought for a while there that your site was down only to discover that it wasn’t just ”.org” but ”. org.uk”. Hello McFly (Knocking my self on the head).do you have any idea when you’ll be home in the UK? The reason I ask is that Sally will be over from the 9th – 30th Dec and she did mention about meeting up. If it turns out to be too much of a hassle then it won’t matter. She flys into London for a few days then onto Berlin for 4 days I think then in London again then upto Aberdeen then over to Dublin then back to London then heading home. Phew! I’m dizzy even writing about it. Anyway just thought I’d check to see how you’re doing. keep up the good work.