Achtung Achtung!!

Yep, bugger me backwards but we’re here in Dresden eating chicken nuggets in yet another Maccas.

We were going to ride the night and be here for breakfast but at 9pm, pitch black on a motorway with dorothy being shot down by chasing lorries we called it a night and pulled into a car park.

At first I tried to sleep laid across the seat with my legs over the handlebars but it started raining and my face was getting wet. So I got the tent out. Somewhere along the line though I’ve lost a pole so on the gravel surface I thought no way would it go up. So I chucked down the ground mat, laid on it, then pulled the tent roof over me and my sleeping bag. It was real nice down the bottom of the car park in the corner where the drivers piss. I could smell it so bad that at midnight I moved the bike.

The rain had stopped by then so I got in the sleeping bag and tried laying across Dot again. It kinda worked. I slept til 3. Waiting for the sun I made a tea and sat fidgeting until finally we could hit the road and scurry the last 110kays of Poland.

With no border we powered through and have kept on going to Dresden. I think the plan is to find a cheap hotel to stay near the centre and have today and tomorrow morning having a look around and gathering stock now we have time to kill before I’m allowed to come home on the 26th.

Dot seems fine and was firing harder than ever today, but advice suggests I need to peg her back a bit and massage her though.

So we’re tired, very dirty and smell a little bit of last night’s piss, but we’re doing alright. Just ready for home…. less than 1000 kays away!

4 thoughts on “Achtung Achtung!!

  1. Oh my gosh, so you two did it to germany 🙂 Herzlich willkommen!
    Have fun on slowing down a little now!

  2. I’ll have a 6 pack of fourex and a pack of tim tams thinking of your journey tonight! Reading this blog I can smell the German Truckie Piss from Queensland. ARNOTTS tim tams…….

  3. Hi Nathan,

    I realy enjoyed today, i hope you also did!
    Wishing you all the best on your way to Düsseldorf!


  4. Honda should put you guys on a poster!
    I am so thrilled you have both made it so far and safely to boot!
    Cheers, mate!