The Bike


Kinda didn’t make much fuss of it but on the same bike as I originally rode from Sydney to London on, I’ve just completed my trans-world adventure by reaching Alaska. It was a good trip, cold, a turbulent at times, but we made it. More pictures to follow.




6 thoughts on “Alaska

  1. Hi. Reading your first book now. I’m supposed to be working, but I keep sneaking out and reading the next chapter. I can’t put it down. Good luck with the next book. Cheers. H. Sydney

  2. Hi Nathan. What an awesome adventure! I just picked up my first CT90 and will be travelling a mere 500 miles on it up to Duluth, Minnesota for the Aerostich Very Boring Rally 3 this August. If you’re around the midwest later this summer you should definitely come! A great time. Last time some of the great travelers (Ted Simon, Greg Frazier) came up and told stories. I’m a little nervous to make the trip because I’m very tall (6’5″) but the bike seems to carry me pretty easily. Anyway….keep the great stories coming! Cheers.

  3. Hi Nathan, well done!
    Did you happen to pass through a little town in Eastern Europe called

  4. Nathan,
    You will always have itchy feet having done that mammoth journey from Sidney, well done, I completed 7500 miles with a friend some six years back and still pine to get on the road again but commitments hold me back. 
    I suspect as said that you will always be a traveller and wherever you lay your hat !!!

    Take it easy, and most, enjoy…. Darren 

  5. I’m reading your book for the second time. First time I followed your route and this time I follow your feelings and thougts. Will there be any new book about your american trip?
    Melle, Orebro, Sweden