All Aboard

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Piff poff piff, we’re all ready to go. Dot Cotton’s on the boat – see Mad Millward video for info – my flight’s booked for tomorrow morning so we’re all ready to go. Just doing a bit of research on Timor now. Apparently they use US dollars so that’s handy to know, as is news that at the minute they’re not shooting each other. Marvellous.

Only problem is the big bloody boat doesn’t reach Dili until next Tuesday, leaving me five days without a bike and not much else to do but keep out of mischief and wash my underwear that’ll no doubt be soiled by the gunfire.

But we’ve made it, and that’s the main thing. I didn’t think I would the day I left Sydney, well no, actually I did, but you can never quite tell what might happen, like punctures, road closures and exploding engnes.

Tomorrow then I shall wave Australia and all its lovely people goodbye. From here things will get tricky, but also different, and that’s not such a bad thing when all we seem to have here is rain. And biting dogs.

So ta ra for now, see you in Timor. East.


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