East Timor

Are we there yet?

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Strewth it feels like I’ve been in East Timor a lifetime. Day 7 0r 8 or whatever it is and i think I’m getting cabin fever, something certainly not helped by these malaria tablets and the paranoa they induce. I’m almost certain the state think I’m a spy and are sending strange people to the hostel to find out a bit more about me. If this is what they do to you after 2 tablets by the time I reach england I’ll no doubt believe I’ve been chased all the way from Sydney by Rolf Harris and the ghost of Crocodile Dundee.

And while that’s been happening four of us from the hostel rode up the coast and over the tropical hills to the next town with the name I’ve now forgot. Oh yes, Bacau. Not much there but a great journey marred only by Mal, the hippie haired Australian, riding into a pothole and going over the top and hitting the floor. his nose and chin took the fall, but they were ok. It was his elbows and knees that were bloodied and battered. But he rode on and we all made it back safely just as it turned dark.

We shouldn’t be out at that time the travel advisories tell us. But last night we were out past midnight and it’s fine. All you see are stall holders still trying to flog coke and coffee and the occassional gang who certainly don’t go around beatng up grannies like they do back home.

At the hostel we’re now back down to two in the room after Singapore Sling and Faustoe the Great (in his own mind) both went home. Not much else to repost. Just hanging around for a parcel to arrive from my parents but having seent he state of the post office it might be here but certainly not sorted any time soon.

In the meantime I wait, but the minute it arrives that’s it. The flag is dropped, the throttle pinned and we’re off. The Indonesian visa is through, the roads are open and from here the money will start going further. Loafing here for a week has made me realise just how big a gauntlet I’m attempting to conquer but we’re going to get as far as we get and if it’s not all the way to england then it’ll be as close we managed before one of us dropped. But Dot’s in rude health and so I am, so soon the journey continues… to England

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