Back again

Hi all,

Ah it’s glad to be back. We had a little break from it all for a while, said sayanara (or however you spell it) as we dashed from embassy to embassy trying to keep Dorothy’s show on the road.

And now that we’ve done. We’ve got a new route. No longer through Iran and straight on the easy way to Turkey as we’d originally intended. The chanted hate for Britain after the recent elections put a cap on that.

Now then instead we’re off to China for a brief little while, then on through the Stans to visit borrow Borat and his friends. Hopefully that’l take us up and over the hill to Turkey and we can bounce down dusty and dirty in the exact same place that if we would have had Iran’s door been open.

Today then we’re off, west, riding hard, riding long. Dorothy’s been to the mechanic and is feeling hotter than ever. She even looks good in her new panniers and numberplace combo. In fact, many of the men around here want to buy her off me. If they think she’s some cheap riding slag then clearly they’re mistaking her for her master.

Now we must go. West my friends, to England!!!!

4 thoughts on “Back again

  1. Glad you are well and much more glad that you are finally back !!
    Loving your posts, keep it up and safe travel!

  2. WoW! Nathan your Back And Dorothy too!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was fearing the worst when you was not posting Dude!
    Keep it Up! Onward, toward the Land of proper Tea, Rich tea Biscuits
    thekastons old peculiar, mushy peas, chips pie n Gravy!

    Well truth be told i friggin hate England. its Shite, bit I suppose if that is where your heart is…..
    I got out when i could…………. I just wish I had the opportunity to travel like you! ya lucky git!


  3. Hey Mate,
    New to the blog, love it, this is what I wanted to do!
    Keep it up I just might try it my self one day on my postie