Back to the Future

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Rather than up the Indian map, today I travelled back down, to Delhi.

And all because I should have applied for a Chinese visa the last time I was here. Instead I thught it’d be nice to escape to the moutains, forgetting completely that while we might have found a way for Dot to get in, I on the other had was still out in the cold.

Hopefully then we can get that ball rolling, get me another stamp in my passport and then send the absurd amount of money to the agency tasked with dealing with Dot’s adminstrative bits and pieces.

She has to have a Chinese number plate and registration docs, the whole kit and kaboodle. Then there’s the visas for the other Stans to consider but for now those will have to wait, one job at a time.

It’s just getting increasingly complicated, making me realise that rather than coming to a close, this trip really is only just beginning. Pakistan, China, the Stans, Armenia, maybe Russia, so much to organise and prepare. I think I’d got a little lax with all that,hoping it would just sort itself out.

Of course it won’t, that’s why I’m down here playing catch up while Dot sits high up in the Rishikesh mountains having a break from it all after I arrived here by coach.

A local coach, full of local people doing mad things abd providing hours of endless entertainment, just watching.

Cheaper than riding too, and safer, and cleaner, as after every ride here in India it looks like I’ve been sweeping chimneys. So much dust and crud flicked up by lorries most of which are on collision courses for rider and his bike. They never stop, just keep on driving straight at you until you fall off the road and ride past them cursing in the gutter.

The swines.

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