Bangkok is burning…

Yeah right. It’s amazing being here to see just how much the media over-egg a situation. Hundreds and thousands of protesters have been just up the road from where I’ve been staying for the last five days. And they’re a lovely bunch. All smiles and waves as they beat their political drum over the tannoy and sing and dance in the street. I road through, walked through, sauntered through. No problem.

Now a few of ’em have found the matches the media declare it a warzone. Raylee arrived from Sydney last night and because the toilet tissue of a taxi driver dropped us off a million miles from anywhere we had a forty minute walk through the protesters to the hotel, at midnight.

Folks offered us vodka and to sit and chat for a while, they wondered where we were going and where we’d been but only in a ‘how strange you’re here at this time of night’ kind of way. A great bunch.

Yet Nicholas Witchell and his Trevor McDonald tell us to wear our tin hats and put out the flames engulfing our trousers legs. Yet a kilometre away, in the heart of the city, there’s a billion people chucking water over each and having a great old time in the name of the Thai new year. Show us that you deceivers. Tell us that people are having fun amongst the miniscule mayhem and stop spinning the yarn. Makes you wonder what else they tell us is pie in the sky.

Anyway… I’ve just had a beef burger for the first time with mustard and I thought it was rather nice.

3 thoughts on “Bangkok is burning…

  1. Hi, Sarah from Australia – you stayed on our couch in Mount Isa. The little piece of paper with your website has been sitting in our fruit bowl (minus the fruit) for months and it’s been calling me to check where you’re up to. I can’t believe how far you’ve made it! Well done, we’re cheering for you!

  2. Hey Nathan,
    Sick blog, nice photos. I made it to India, the wedding culminated last night and there were 5 meals during the day, all vegetarian. Anyway, I’ll be keeping track.


  3. Hiya Sarah, awesome of you to get in touch. Hope you guys are well and not picking up random strangers who then sleep on your couch.

    I’ll never forget the rain that night. Drenched.

    So how’s it all going in Mt Isa, the school proving to be better than you thought?