Just having breakfast in the hotel/hostel restaurant. WOW. They’ve got cheese and salami and cereal and fruit and cake and coffee and tea and pots of honey and everything. It’s here, and walking around town last night, that makes me realise just how far we’ve travelled.

When I think what it was like in India and Thailand and the rest and compare it to now, to here, to Europe. Fuck. I was mesmerised just looking at the simple things last night; the grafitti on the walls, the clothes in the shops, the food on the stalls, the goths in the park, the dogs on the chain, the fashion, the haircuts, the daily grind, the tourists, the architecture, the history, the learner driver cars flying past, the fake tan and peroxide hair… everything, it all seamed just so new. So revolutionary. It was as close I could get to seeing what it’d be like to be an alien landing on earth for the first time.

I suppose I am an alien. I’m sat here in my baggy Indian pants, my dirty sleeved shirt with matted locks of tangled hair draped down from beneath my torn cap. My finger nails are black, on both index fingers I have a fungal infection and the toes you can see between my Indian flip flops are battered from spending too long in Converse. Everyone else is tailored and smart. They’re older, more sophisticated, more clean. I’m a dirty bolt in a bed of roses. When I stand to go back to the buffet they look up, fearful that I’m about to shit in their breakfast bowl. But bugger em, I’ve paid just as they have, so I’m going to sit here, drink my filtered coffee and soon go back for another bite of salami.

Then I shall do my laundry.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. Hey Nathan, been following your travels from a few days ago and have read all of it… hehe. I ride a bike of similar engine size, Honda CG125, standard UK learner bike, you probably know it. I’ve had my bike licence for a bit now, but still prefer the 125. Although I’ve yet to travel around the world on mine… I have done Bristol to London a number of times now, and going slow is still enjoyable as I’m sure you’ve discovered.

    Just thought I’d mention that you can buy Vegemite in Sainsburys, or at least, I bought some from the local Sainsburys around a year ago. It’s not expensive either… I bought it because it was cheaper than Marmite. And its the same stuff, made in Australia… so at least you’ve got that when you come back!

    Ride safe!

  2. Dan my firend, you’ve just made my day. Vegemite!!!!
    And sod around the world, London Bristol is still a massive ride. Good work. I’ll look out for you on the back roads.

  3. So did you run accross the couple that were in india doing the same thing you are are the same bike two up? More then likely not, It’s like me going to you no that hot woman that lives 4 miles from london? You go nope.

  4. Hi Nathan and Dorothy, Nathan I said that your life would never be the same again! Where’s Dorothy? Is she OK? What about the problem you had when you ran her low on oil? Less than a 1000k’s to go to get home! Take care and ride safe! (By the way Nathan, Bill is not Dorothy’s favourite owner! If it was up to him she would still be standing on the floor waiting to be sold off! Now she is famous! I reckon she will go down in the annals of motor cycle history as the bravest and toughest little bike ever!)