Top Gear

Me and Dorothy are very proud to announce we made this issue of Top Gear, attempting to tell readers how to a trip like this on the cheap. Here’s some pics of the pages, five in total, the magazine’s out now.

Views from the shed

Dear website and the people who visit it. I realised today that I’ve neglected you since I got back. I don’t know, I guess I’ve been off gallivanting around the country catching up with people and building my shed and failed miserably to come here often enough to update and tell people who’ve kindly followed […]


        Ah, that’s better, a bit of time to myself. It’s been manic these last few weeks. The problem’s my family and friends who live all over the country, so instead of settling into slow way of life I’ve been racing around trying to see as many people as I can. Hence […]

Pics from the party