Travelling without moving

Well call me a fish and send me up the river, for I’ve now been in East Timor a fortnight and don’t look like leaving anytime soon. Why? Because while I’ve been waiting for Dot Cotton to arrive and then a parcel for my parents, I’ve sat on my hands and done bugger all. That […]


The package has arrived and I can finally set sail. The question now though is in which direction. West into Indonesia and on, or east around the island and back to Dili before then heading west. I feel I should at least see most of East Timor now that I’ve been here so long. So […]

Waiting game

Well, I’ve been in East Timor 10 days now and it looks like I’m going to be here a little longer yet. You see I’m waiting for a package from my parents and until that comes I’m stranded. But it’s no ones fault but the useless buggers in the post office who tell me it’s […]

Are we there yet?

Strewth it feels like I’ve been in East Timor a lifetime. Day 7 0r 8 or whatever it is and i think I’m getting cabin fever, something certainly not helped by these malaria tablets and the paranoa they induce. I’m almost certain the state think I’m a spy and are sending strange people to the […]

Quick one

Right, must type quick, only 15 minutes until the clock ticks over to another hour in the internet cafe and the woman collects another fiver. Very expensive here, but never mind because me and Dot have been reunited. Yes, after much misdirection and bullshit from the locals who work the docks and the customs desk […]