Still in Germany

We watched Long Way Aroudn last night, it was the first time I’d seen it. Quite honestly at the beginning I was embarrassed for them. Office space, secretaries, gun training, advisors, Russian lessons, I thought it was one big joke. I sat there thinking I left Sydney with two days notice, on a bike I’d […]


Just having breakfast in the hotel/hostel restaurant. WOW. They’ve got cheese and salami and cereal and fruit and cake and coffee and tea and pots of honey and everything. It’s here, and walking around town last night, that makes me realise just how far we’ve travelled. When I think what it was like in India […]

Achtung Achtung!!

Yep, bugger me backwards but we’re here in Dresden eating chicken nuggets in yet another Maccas. We were going to ride the night and be here for breakfast but at 9pm, pitch black on a motorway with dorothy being shot down by chasing lorries we called it a night and pulled into a car park. […]