Back again

Hi all, Ah it’s glad to be back. We had a little break from it all for a while, said sayanara (or however you spell it) as we dashed from embassy to embassy trying to keep Dorothy’s show on the road. And now that we’ve done. We’ve got a new route. No longer through Iran […]


The chicken’s been hatched and so as the egg, because on Monday I should pick up a freshly printed Chinese visa. Add to that the Kyrgyzstan stamp I collect on Tuesday and its fair to say the ball is well and truly rolling. I’ve appointed the agency to get me into China and while that […]


Just been to Chinese visa service centre. No joy. I need different documents because I’m travelling by bike and that’s led to a chincken and an egg scenario. They need documentation from the agency arranging Dot’s entry which will only be made possible once I’ve paid. And at $2,000 that’s not a price I want […]

Back to the Future

Rather than up the Indian map, today I travelled back down, to Delhi. And all because I should have applied for a Chinese visa the last time I was here. Instead I thught it’d be nice to escape to the moutains, forgetting completely that while we might have found a way for Dot to get […]