I’ve found them…

… sadly not in the Austrian girl’s bra, but hiding amongst my socks and pants beneath the hostel bed. Idiot.   All good to go then. It’s raining now so in the morning me and Dot are going to hit the road and pick a dirction. North, East, West or South. We’re not sure yet whether to […]

Lost not found

I’ve lost many things so far on this trip.  A tripod left behind when I stopped to do a handstand on a bridge, a glove which I took off whilst riding just so I didn’t have to stop and unscrew the top off my water bottle which is also now lost. As is the top from the second […]


Laid on my bed in a hostel in Penang, a strange woman from Korea’s just checked into the bed next door and the light’s are about to go out. I’m tired and my bowels are still a bit grumbly, hopefully they’ll last the night. If not I guess I’ll just shit myself. See you in […]