GS to America

 I’ve decided to take my GS to America. The reasons for doing so aren’t quite clear, but it just seemd to make good sense.  I think one of the main reasons is that I’ve met someone I want to travel with, I have the bike to carry a pillion and we both can somehow manage […]

Getting a hold of the new book…

Just go back from NEC having had a stand at the nine day Motorcycle Live event. Relieved to say it went better than expected and managed to get the new book off the ground. I have a new temporary website whilst I still try and fathom out how to redesign this one (It’s at […]

New book finally here – New York to Alaska

I’ve been quiet on here for a long while, mainly because I’ve been working to pay off debts from the first trip and also because I’ve been busy over what is now almost the last 2 years trying to finish the second book; and finally, it’s ready and has just gone to print. It’s titled […]


Kinda didn’t make much fuss of it but on the same bike as I originally rode from Sydney to London on, I’ve just completed my trans-world adventure by reaching Alaska. It was a good trip, cold, a turbulent at times, but we made it. More pictures to follow.