Change of plan

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Just a quick one, but change of plan.

When I got to the station yesterday all sorts of people were offering to pack my bike and do all sorts of wonderous stuff with old sacks.

I declined and went inside.

There the man looked at Dot and said ‘not like that’. The box will have to come off, the panniers too, and drain the fuel.

It was hot and the flies still wanted to pack. I’d had enough. I didn’t want to take Dot apart again as it’s such a big flaming hassle. It would have meant carrying the box on board the train and realigning all my racks at the other end. And Dot, alone, with a carriage full of groping Indian bikes; I don’t think so.

So I got a refund and am going to ride her there instead. It’s what I came here for.

I’ll try and update more later.

Ta ra.

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