Chiang Mai blues

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I don’t know what’s up with me but my sky feels very grey today. I just feel a bit low and mopey, as though I can’t muster the enthusiasm to do very much.

I suppose that’s one of the pitfalls of travelling, you will have days when you’re not as happy as others but whereas at home you can cheer yourself up having tea with a mate or put on your favourite movie, here, traveling, especially on you’re on your own, there’s not those luxuries to do. Instead you sit in cafes like I’m doing now trying to give yourself a shake and say ‘come on buddy, don’t be so gay.’ (of course not meant in any derogatory way).

But we all have these moments so not to worry. Especially now as I’ve just polished off my beans on toast and am reading the awesome responses to a post I put up about my trip on an adventure motorcyling site – so a big hi to the guys at Adventure Ride. Thankyou.

But enough of this mopey shit, Dot’s now packed and ready and we’re about to hit the road to Pai and see what this old hippie town is all about.

Bye for now.

HP Sauce.

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