Just been to Chinese visa service centre. No joy.

I need different documents because I’m travelling by bike and that’s led to a chincken and an egg scenario. They need documentation from the agency arranging Dot’s entry which will only be made possible once I’ve paid. And at $2,000 that’s not a price I want to pay before I know I can get in.

So just trying to sort it all now, but I will admit, today was the first time I had one of those ‘wouldn’t it be easier if I just flew over,’ moments, though I know I can’t do that.

6 thoughts on “Complicated

  1. OK Nathan, maybe you should try this……. there is ALWAYS a side road into ANY Country….. ( Smugglers Routes, locals know, try the seedier Bars, young lads, they usually are wise to stuff…)
    once you are IN they RARELY kick you out! ( Bribes are a Wonderful thing,… a Little “Baksheesh” and it is cheaper than 2000 quid!
    When you get to the other Border. Feign Horror! Grief! Anger! whatever. burst into tears at your ‘Lost Paperwork’. seriously, another small Bribe or a form or two and they will be glad to get rid of you to the next Country…

    THAT is the way I would do it………

    Have FUN! Enjoy it.. remember. in 30 years time you will be telling your Grandkids all about it!


    Give DOT a Hug from me. she deserves it!


  2. Official looking documents change everything.
    Write up a max. 2paragraph draft of what you need to say about your predicament. Ask your agency to copy it/change it to thier liking, with a letterhead, then take it to the embassy. Even better get it written in Chinese. Speak to a different person to the one you spoke to before and hand them the letter in an envelope. Speak loudly so other people can hear what you are saying but not in an angry way. The more people that know about your troubles the more potential for success. Never lose your cool in front of them, be as charming as possible and ask them to help you find a solution to your simple problem. Speak to the “Top Official” if its not working after a few visits.
    Keep trying, keep trying, keep trying.

  3. Aye, would do it like martyn said. The worst thing what could happen would be loosing dot. but thats really the worst.

  4. “Aye, would do it like martyn said. The worst thing what could happen would be loosing dot. but thats really the worst.”

    Or ending up in a Chinese prison! $2000? What country’s money? Certainly not our useless US dollar 😆

  5. Hey Nathan and Dot! You should be very proud – your ‘plight’ made it into “AMCN” (Australian Motorcycle News) not too long ago. I was so proud when seeing the article mate!

    GO HARD – WE ARE ALL SUPPORTING YOU! I now have a little boy to put in the Pug Wagon – Sebastian was born on June 29. He already aspires to join you on a CT110.
    Cheers guv! Stu Gibbs – Canberra.