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Happy to answer any questions or assist with any trips you might have planned. I remember before I set off on the trip how daunting it all was; wondering how borders worked and visas and route planning and what equipment I might need. So happy to help where I can.

Best bet is to email me on…

Or if you’re on Facebook look up ‘Dorothythemotorbike’

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  2. Hi mate we spoke at the bmf nice to speak to someone who walks the walk not just takes the talk . If you go to the horizons do i will buy you a coffee Dave

  3. Hello:

    My name’s Daniel and I’m from Spain. Sorry by my English, but I hate the translator and I’ll do my best to ask you a clear question.
    I’ve found you website today and I’m impressed for your journey. There ‘re four of us that we’re thinking about to make a travel in this type of fastastic bike. But we have a proble. It’s impossible to get one of these bike here in Spain. I’ve tried everything but in my country all the people want a big motorbike. That’s why the main brand of motorbike don’t come here this type of bikes. My question is the following: how can we get four postie bikes.? It’ll be possible to get a certificate that makes this bike availabe to run in Spain?.
    Thank you so much for your help. And let me tell you, that you have made real the drem of anyone who ride a motorbike. Thank you so much. Muchas gracias desde EspaƱa. Un saludo muy cordial.

    Fdo. Daniel Pueyo de San Antonio.

  4. Hi nathan its all gone quite at the moment? Does that mean your travelling days are over?

  5. Hello there.

    First want to say Wow on your trip, where did you start in planning?

    Just wanted to find out about shipping from Oz how you got insurance, some of the technical things.

  6. First off, I did a search on facebook for ‘Dorothythemotorbike’ and it said “Sorry, we couldn’t find any results for this search.”

    Secondly, I emailed you but you must not answer email?

    Thirdly: I just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have two CT110s, a 1984 with 1000 original miles and I just finished restoring it so it looks like the day it sat new in a dealer’s showroom, and a 1982 that I’m almost done restoring (and then going to sell that one). I had four of the CT90s when I was a young man (now 63), a 1971, two 1973s, and a 1978. Fond memories of those made me go looking for a bike to restore and I ended up with two.

    Your Alaska pictures look just like ours. We just got back from Alaska in our Mercedes motorhome and took pictures at almost all the same places you did! LOL

    And lastly, I’m still searching for a couple of elusive parts for my ’82 CT110. A front brakelight switch that doesn’t $20 and then another $20 to get it shipped from Australia, and the right hand control housing with ‘kill’ switch in it (can’t find that anywhere, even in Australia.