We’ve had a bit of coverage over the last year or so, the trip featured in a few magazines, the book reviewed in Australian newspapers (where it was called Going Postal), and a few other bits and bobs…

RiDE Magazine

A review of the original Australian edition in Auto Express…

Local newspaper cutting

First page of feature in FHM Australia

First page from Good Reading Magazine, Australia.

Original trip report in MCM (not technically a moped I know)

Another local newspaper clipping

The original write up in the Sydney Morning Herald which got the trip noticed by the Australian publisher who then went on to comission the book.

Not a best seller but did alright at number five back in Australia when it was launched

Book review in ‘the Australian’ newspaper

Write up in TNT, the travellers magazine

First page of five in Top Gear feature

First page of six page feature in Twist and Go, a UK scooter magazine

First page of a five part series comissioned by Two Wheels magazine in Australia

Feature in Ultimate Motorcycling, an American bike magazine