Damn and drat

Old Dorothy’s in the right old wars. Not only is she bleeding oil from one of her seals, but yesterday, when I changed the oil, the sump plug bolt threaded and so won’t tighten.

And that’s like having a path without the plug in properly. Eventually the water, or in this case the oil, drains out. Which isn’t good.

So I’m going to glue it in and hope it holds ’til England. If not then I guess with Dorothy I’ll have to push. As for the leaking gasket, Joe, the owner of the bike shop where I bought Dorothy from, is sending me out an emergency repair kit so I can patch her up and be on my way.

But of course, as with everything on this journey, delays are expected.

2 thoughts on “Damn and drat

  1. Sounds like “DOT” needs a Helecoil in the sump plug. If your dealer has not shipped the others parts yet ask him to send you the tap, coil and insert tool. You really are going to have to change the oil again before England on such a small engine

    Best of Luck!


  2. Thanks Trevor. Just emailed him now to see if he can put me one in.

    As for oil change; didn’t you know Dorothy can also do handstands?