Death to English…

Apparently that’s what the crowd were chanting at the recent Supreme Leader’s speech in Iran, something that doesn’t bode well for my ongoing visa application.

It’s a tricky one, it really is. I so badly want to go that way, through Pakistan and Iran then into Turkey for the final road home. But now, as I sit in India waiting, it looks so unlikely it’s going to happen that way.

The problem is you just can’t pick another route and hit the throttle. No, it’s much much more complicated than that.

One option is to get a boat to Oman, but then that would mean crossing Saudi Arabia, something, for visa reasons, just isn’t possible. That rules that out.

Another option is up into China, then Russia or Borat country until I finally drop down into Turkey and carry on that way. The problem here is China, a country demanding of time and great lengths of money to arrange the import of your own vehicle; both of which I don’t have enough of. That rules that out.

The last option then is to fly due north from Delhi, skipping China completely and landing in Kazakhstan. From there through the other Stans and again down to turkey, possibly after crossing the Black Sea.

So as you can see, the current problems in Pakistan and Iran have ballsed things right up. I’m seeing a man about an Iranian visa on monday but I don’t hold out much hope. As for safety if I did go I hoping things would have calmed down by now and that most people on the streets don’t really want to kill a British man on a moped.

Sadly, it’s another case of traveling without moving

But at least I have some videos:

3 thoughts on “Death to English…

  1. Flying North, stans, Turkey etc,,,,,, Hard as Hell on a CT110…………… you will need warm clothes and sleeping bag even in June/july…… but hey, if you can do it that way Nathen, and save getting Machine gunned or Blown up/ Mobbed.. (joke) then i would. you will find the russian and Turkish peoples very welcoming and an experience you will cherish the rest of your life……. not to mention some of the chicks are HAWT!!!!!! lol

    ride safe, be good……
    drink more Vodka!

    Peace Bro


  2. Hey Postman. I just rode through Pakistan (5 May – 26 May) and Iran (26 May – 6 June) on a Transalp, and here are a few thoughts. Securıty sıtuatıon ın Pakıstan ıs mıxed. No problems north of Islamabad, and KKH up to Chınese border was the hıghlıght of my trıp, so hıghly recommended. In the rest of Pakıstan, there are a few bombs around but you’re unlıkely to be the target! I know a great guıde ın Peshawar whıch ıs a fascınatıng place. Islamabad to the Iranıan border you’ll get a polıce escort – they’re very frıendly and co-operatıve. A French tourıst was kıdnapped by al Qaeda near Taftan the day before we went through, but they dıdn’t have an escort. Iran should be very safe – not my favourıte country, but the protests are pro-Western the polıce wıll escort you through the ıffy part of the country (SE – Baluchıstan).
    In short, ıf you keep your wıts about you, I thınk you’ll be fıne ın Pakıstan and Iran. Happy travels!

  3. Nath. Dont believe the media hype. Any good story can be written to look frighteningly bad. Border closures occur often but often not for long in that region. With an Iranian Visa in your passport you will have a great time… Good luck. BIG mountains in Tajik our Postie can only get to about 3000m before she runs out of breath. A boat to Oman sounds FANTASTIC just for the journey, Ive heard its a beautiful country with great food. Yemen is pretty much a no go zone for any foriegner at the moment… too many guns but I would love to take a sneaky peak. Maybe Iranian visas are easier to get in Dubai! Saudi extremely difficult but it has been done. An onward boat to Africa, maybe not Somalia? A short flight to Jordan or Turkey? Maybe by then Tehren Airport will be giving visas on arrival again, even to the British…
    How about a flight Dehli – Ulaan Bataar. Mongolia is one of the best countries for touring in my opinion. Russian visas are easy to get and the border crossing is easy. If you get a multipul entry visa you can head into Kazahk and Kyrghiz too. St. Petersburg is great for a chillout. Then its Estonia, Latv, Lith, Pol all the way home.
    Take it easy and lets meet in Raj!