Decisions decisions

Welcome to Nathan’s geography lesson, brought to you live from the staircase of the Roof Top Guesthouse, Delhi.

If you can make any sense of what I’m waffling about then please email and clarify it all for me. I’m getting confused by it all.

Good luck.

3 thoughts on “Decisions decisions

  1. I’m in a similar bind, mate, only heading in the other direction. Just been refused an Iranian visa and trying to find an alternate route to Mongolia.

    My advice is this: if it’s possible to get into Tajikistan you should get yourself on the Pamir Highway to Dushanbe, head into Uzbekistan at the border near Panjakent, take the A380 along the length of Uzbekistan until you reach the Aral Sea then head south into Turkmenistan (passing the Door to Hell at Darvaza: Get yourself to Turkmenbashi and hop on the ferry to Baku.

    p.s. You mentioned going into Armenia on this route. You should know that as an EU citizen you shouldn’t need to buy a visa to get into Georgia, so it might be a better idea to do that if funds are tight.

    Good luck 🙂

  2. p.s. Just remembered that the Azerbaijan/Armenia border isn’t closed at present. Those guys aren’t really on speaking terms.

  3. Bah. Meant to say the border isn’t open, not closed 🙂