Deep breath

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Dribs and drabs, that’s all I’ve been giving lately. I thought then that I should have a quick sneeze over everything that’s been happening.

For a start the holiday’s over. Raylee left tonight, went back to Sydney, now very sad, lonely, but we had a very nice time down in Koh Chang relaxing on the beach. I’ve even put a bit of weight on what with doing nothing but sitting around eating fried noodles. Still got the beard though, she wasn’t having that.

Tomorrow then the visa shannagans begin. First it’s down to the British embassy to pick up the letter of introduction that I’ll then take to the Pakistan embassy in the hope they’ll give me a visa. Initially they wanted a whole heap of paperwork but in the end said if I could provide that then it might be ok.

If that goes through then it’s over to the Indian embasssy to get that ball rolling. But compared to the others that one should be easy-er. Iran next, with me waiting on an email to say if I can have one or not. Pretty crucial as it’s the only way through, so fingers and toes crossed.

While that’s happening I’ll try and find an agent to fly Dot  over to Nepal, though another chap doing the same route has advised that might be risky as there’s no petrol there at the minute. But never mind, I can always push.

I’ve also got to get Dot in for a service and give her a clean, not to mention figure out a way of cutting down on all the weight she’s been carrying. She’s so much sweeter without it and I figure for those hills around Nepal we’re going to need all the help we can get.

And that means I’m on a diet too.

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