It’s been a long time since I’ve used this site. Not since the launch of the first book have I really been on it. A lot’s changed in that time, not least of all the addition of a new Dorothy.

Yep, from one extreme to the other, it’s a BMW R1200 GS, a 2014 model that spent its first year as an off road training school bike and so was bought relatively cheap. I bought it because I always liked the bike when riding it during my time on the magazine. For me it was the best large capacity bike on the market and whilst some people would prefer me to saunter around at 37mph on Dorothy people change and time moves on. I want a bike that can take me places and it not be about the limitations of the bike. And whilst I wouldn’t feel as confident taking such a technilogically complicated machine into some of the far out places I went on the Sydney to London trip, at this moment in time I don’t quite fancy going back to any of those far flung places. I’m enjoying my adventures a little bit closer to home.

That said, Dorothy2 will soon be put into action with a trip to America, this time two-up, something I’ve never done before and never had opportunity to do. But I have the partner, the time and now the bike… so here goes!

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