Down tools

Hi guys,

Still in Pokhra, though not by choice. Got a touch of the bad bottom which is keeping me chained to the porcelain throne. Two toiled rolls down, two to go.

Anyway, my belly’s grumbling which means it might explode at any minute, so here a few videos until I get back.

One’s not so happy but that’s the reality of the road. Chin up. I’m just hoping it holds up long enough to let me get to the sandwich shop cause i’ve not eaten all day. I’ll let you know if the ending gets messy.

No counseling needed. But some drum lessons would be nice.

3 thoughts on “Down tools

  1. Nathan, Hang in there Dude…… I have followed you from Day one. You are making a trip of a lifetime!
    I know you have issues at the moment, but whatever the sacrifice is that you are making, be it a woman, a job whatever, the pain is only temporary. There are blue skies ahead my friend… except probably not in the UK its more likeley to be pissing down…….lol, you know what I am saying. yeah?
    I know its no use saying snap out of it, or chin up. people who say that are mad…… healing takes time. Use your Journey to heal.

    Peace Dude


  2. Hey Nathe, Sal and I were talking (good things) about you last weekend. I just though I’d drop you a line just to say hi. Chin up mate.