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Dear all,

Sad as it sounds I’m in McDonalds hiding from the hustlers of Java. Today I got to Yogykarta, one of the main cities on the island and thought this looks lovely, I’ll stay the night.

And it is lovely, it’s just a shame so many people hustle and follow you about the place with no goood intent. But never mind. I”ve developed a new tactic, and that is turn around  and tell them to bugger off. It doesn’t always work, one guy followed me for another three blocks until I lost him by ducking under a hedge, but they’re determined, I’ll give them that.

Other than that Java is great, really friendly and helpful. Take today ofr example. Dot needed a new tyre so I stopped by one of the little oil pits by the road and the chappies fitted one in ten minutes for four quid. You just can’t fathom how they can do it so cheap when in England it would cost ten times that. But I was grateful whatever the price and also more grippy, because core blimey Dot’s back-end has been getting a little slippy these last few days. And she doesn’t need to be, not when the locals drive like loonies. All over the road, overtaking on the inside and the outside, at the same time and into oncoming traffic. I’ve not seen anything like it. But then there’s no raod rage or fist shaking, everyone just gets on with it and its just pure controlled  chaos. Although I did exchange paint today with an old boy who crossed Dot’s path. IShe stood her ground and we just nudged back in his place as he tried to turn across our way. We smiled at each other and gave the thumbs up. That’s just how it is out here.

So tomorrow I carry on to Jakarata and the day after Sumatra. Keep them wheels a-rolling and the Fillet O Fish a-frying.

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