Going Postal – The Book

Coming soon: Going Postal – The Book

To register your interest in a copy of Going Postal please fill in the form below
and I will let you know as soon as it’s available. Thanks

Okay, so this is, the book about me and Dorothy’s trip across the world.

Strangely, it’s taken longer to write about it than it did to ride the trip, it’s been less fun as well. But it’s finally finished and hopefully going to print next week.

The release date is 1st February next year, with it only coming out in Australia to begin with. If we get an English or American distributor then it might come out in those places as well.

In the meantime you will still be able to get a copy and that’s what that form is at the top. If you put your details in there it will allow me to get a handle on who and how many might be interested in a copy, then, in January, I’ll order the books and ask for the money if that’s okay. You should have the book by early to mid-Feb, with them all signed and dedicated to who ever’s ordered one.

What with shipping and what not, realistically they’re going to cost about twenty quid, or thirty and a bit dollars, so obviously no obligation.

The book itself is published by HarperCollins Australia, is 280 pages long, has fifty colour pics and is a mixed bag of things; part travel narrative, part autobiography, part me and Dot on a mountain not wearing any socks. My editor says it’s humorous, sad, thought provoking, suspenseful and slight nutty. My nan says it terrible because it has a swear word in it.

Anyhow, that’s it. If you’re interested in a copy just pop your details in the form at the top and I’ll keep you posted.

thanks again for following the trip and coming here to have a look.

Merry Christmas.
Nathan and Dot.

56 thoughts on “Going Postal – The Book

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  2. Mate, what a journey, as a fellow traveler sounds like an awesome adventure, great read champ!!!

  3. Hi Nathan, Thanks to a retired Sydney postie I got your book for Christmas just gone  and once started I was hooked. I must congratulate you on a fantastic  achievement   on a bike that  was  not  designed for the job  and with so many  setbacks. In the late 70’s  I  was a postie in Sydney and Canberra and in those days it was the CT90 and once hooked on the bike bought one for leisure purposes ( yes, it was brand new and from local Honda dealership in A.C.T.) It was for work and leisure purposes  and my only  ” name to fame” was a wonderful trip to  Sydney on it one Saturday morning. – my brother came along on his CX500. Many congratulations again and a Happy Year . Best Wishes , Malcolm

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  5. Nathan, Excellent book, excellent adventure and my hat is off to you. I collect books on epic moto rides, especially RTW and your writing is up with the best of them. I could hardly put it down. Some are excruciating to slog through but not yours. May your road be smooth and the wind at your back.