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Good news!!

Motorcycle News is very kindly and very generously selling copies of my book, the Long Ride Home, priced at £9.99 including postage and packing.

Despite the changes in the cover, it’s the same book about the same trip from Sydney to London as the other variations that have been shown over the past few months. It’s just taken me a while to nail it down and go ahead with batch printing.

So if anyone would like a copy please click here and do me the kind honour of letting me know how you get on with it once it’s arrived…

For people outside of the UK, please go here for a book.

And don’t forget it’s also available on Kindle, from here

Thanks again to everyone at MCN, especially Gareth and Rob. Much appreciated.

Now to write the second book, about the trip across America….

16 thoughts on “Good news!!

  1. Just finished the book and I thought it was absolutely great. I’ve spent the last few years reading just about every motorcycle travel book going, and this is one of the best. CH

  2. Essential reading for every motorcycle enthusiast. Up there with Zen and the Art and Jupiter’s Travels.

  3. Picked up your book at NEC bike show and had a good natter to you about the States .. just read it in a couple sittings straight.  Great read .. and if you ever want a riding partner .. 😉

  4. Just finished reading your book, it only arrived on Friday and just could not put it down! Absolutely awesome and utter respect for you and Dorothy. Ordered through MCN and it arrived signed as well, thank you very much!

  5. Discovered and read the book this 2012 Christmas holiday and totally enjoyed it!  Thanks for your open/honest writing style.  You’ve motivated me to do trips of my own!  I see now that you and Dot are now traveling in the U.S.  I hope that there’s going to be a book out of that trip.  Thanks again. 

  6. As a Subscriber to MCN my wife heard me mention this book being advertised prior to Christmas and unbeknown to me sent off for a copy. My Christmas present lasted less than a day, I couldn’t put this book down. A most engaging and frank read.  It was particularly interesting to me, not just as a biker  but as a seasoned traveller to Australia, to identify with most of the places in Australia from Sydney to Darwin and the picture painted is perfect. 
    I once drove from Brisbane to Sydney and the crazed, speed conscious nature of the NSW Police means you stick pretty much to 100k or 60 MPH or pay huge fines for a few KPH over the limit. I think that car drivers die from boredom rather than speed on those roads. What a brilliant idea to travel the world on a 50 MPH bike.  Speeding troubles not being a real issue and you didn’t get bored it seems for a moment.
    Thanks for letting us into this well told story of your fantastic journey.
    I too once met Kevin Rudd in a bookshop recently after he was deposed by Ms Gillard.  it was in the the Riverbend Bookshop in Bulimba a suburb of Brisbane. I didn’t get him to sign the Arnold Bennett book which I  was reading, sat there in the bookshop Cafe, but I am very glad to have received a Signed copy of your book.
    I am looking forward to reading about your next adventure with Dorothy.
    Best of luck.

  7. Got your book through MCN this week, Brilliant to be fair i don’t really read books that much usually just watch the video. Well i watched your video clips on youtube and thought i have to read the book because i feel i’am missing out on the rest of the journey. Dude its a good read, it puts a smile on your face with every turn of a page . I have been riding bikes since 1979 and still can’t get enough of em. This story is really amazing your Mam and Dad must be really proud. Cheers . ps Any more books to come. 🙂

  8. Hello met at the nec bought the book great read  very inspiring great meeting u all the best for the future Arnie

  9. Just finished the book enjoyed it very much. Been to Manali and over the Rhotang pass  myself…. Well done one of the best travel books I have read…..

  10. Loved the book.  I found it on MCN and bought it from LuLu as they ship to Ireland.
    I was absorbed by this book from start to finish, it’s a story you need to see to completion but at the same time never want it to end.
    Highly recommending it to my friend in Austrailia who I think could have embarked on the very same journey had his circumstances been only slightly different.  
    I’m buying a motorcycle very soon as my first bike and I hope I can find it within me to embark on adventures just like this.

  11. Fab book! – a great antidote to the usual made for TV stuff and a real traveller’s adventure story.

  12. Hi Nathan met you at this weekends MCN loving the book reading it in bed at mo lmao you are a legend much respect, puts my brother to shame with all his bike gadgets 🙂 love your passion for life.
    Thanks for signing the book, im no longer a big girl on a KTM im looking at C90’s in a different light 🙂

  13. Nice to chat with you at the MCN show. I’ve sent some direct mail regarding contacts in Washington, Canada, and Alaska. Patrick

  14. Nathan,
    Like many I picked up my copy of your book at the MCN London Bike Show. It’s only taken a couple of nights to find myself halfway through and I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve read many books on a similar topic and, in my opinion, this is head and shoulders above them all. Your honesty regarding your personal feelings, your fears, your motivation brings the whole experience vividly to life. One last thing. I had a really nice chat with your Dad at the show, what a lovely man. What touched me the most is the pride in his eyes whenever he looked over to you chatting away. Beautiful.

  15. Hi Nathan. Really enjoyed the book especially as I rode much the same route as you (but in reverse) in 2012. Even our Chinese guide was called Abdul, who I suspect was the same guy though I think he’d bought a new car!. I could really understand your feelings and fears. Great photos on Flickr too which helped bring the book even more to life. Keep on riding and stay safe. David.