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Hi guys, welcome to my new site; The Postman, a giant electronic wall on which we can tattoo our great adventures as we travel the world on my trusty stead Dot Cotton.

It is work in progress so just be patient, but if you want to hurry things along please do so by dropping my brother a line and saying, “Jason, it looks lovely but can we have videos and a working forum please.” He’ll appreciate that.

Anyway, so today is monday, the 8th day of my adventures and to be honest the mule has been tethered over the weekend. Arriving in an east coast town called Rockhampton on what I thought was thursday night, I got up the next morning to sort out the carnet de passage, or bike passport as us normal folk would call it, and found out it was actually saturday. Well I’ll be damned. Clearly my noodle had been muddled by all the riding and I’d lost count of my days.

Alas, there was not much I could do but sit on the campsite and wait all weekend for the shop to open this morning, From there I’ve just returned with the passport I need and the bit between my teeth. All I need to do now is wait for my dad to confirm my new health insurance is valid after a bit of a palava with my existing company and we’re back on the road.

West and then north lies Darwin, some 1800 miles away beyond the hot deserts and raging monsoons if the weather man’s got his pictures right. I have 7 days to get there so by my reckoning if I average just under 300 miles a day I’ll shoot through and make that boat to East Timor on the 27th just in the nick of time.

On a bike capable of no more than 50mph it’ll be tough, but we’ll get there. I’ve got cream for my chafing thighs, breasts and bottoms, as well as a roo-whistle to ward off Skippy and his mates who may, I’ve been told, jump out and bop me on the nose at any minute. Seriously, they can rip a man in half said the lady in McDonalds. This whistle then is supposed to scare them off, the only problem being that it only works at speeds over 50km/h, and that’s not always achievable for Dot Cotton on her old legs.

Tonight then I wait for my dad to give me the go ahead, and then in the morning, about 4am so I can beat the 40 degree heat, I shall mount Dorothy and yee-ha out of my campsite and on to the open highway, heading with great ambition to England and beyond…

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