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GS to America

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 I’ve decided to take my GS to America. The reasons for doing so aren’t quite clear, but it just seemd to make good sense.

 I think one of the main reasons is that I’ve met someone I want to travel with, I have the bike to carry a pillion and we both can somehow manage to find some time to go and do it. And now or never as they say. Tomorrow, we might not get the chance.

 The trip, like the ones from Sydney to London and New York to Alaska on the Australian Post bike, will once again be done with not a lot of planning and not a lot of money. Someone asked me today how I could afford to go and the answer is Credit cards. I’ll worry about paying for the trip when we get back. Not ideal. But the timing is there, if not the money.

 I’m excited about doing the trip on a bike that can keep up with traffic and therefore doesn’t dominate the experience. On the CT110 it was all about getting there, and doing the miles. I didn’t always enjoy those trips. All day on the road, stopping quickly to fuel up then going again.

 This trip instead is about enjoying it, and making some memories together.

 We’re flying the bike into Las Vegas, using the shipping company James Cargo. We chose Las Vegas because from the airport it’s a case of turn left and you’re straight in the desert and the quiet roads. Los Angeles would have been chaos finding our way out, and as my passenger has never done anything like this before we thought we’d go for an easier option.

 The plan is to spend four weeks exploring Utah, Nevada and Colorado; seeing the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Roswell, Salt Lake City and anywhere we happen to stumble upon. There is no route or itinerary. We’re going to camp as much as we can. The campsites over there are cheap and well servicved. We’re budgeting no more than $100 a day for the two of us.

 At the end of the four weeks we have a week to ride across to New York, where the bike will be put on a boat and sailed back to the UK. Renting a bike would save a lot of hassle, but taking your own bike adds to the experience. To see the same bike you ride in the UK, now parked in Nevada, adds a certain magic that you’ll never get with a rental. Plus if I drop I won’t have to pay expensive damage waiver.

 So that’s it, all set to go, the bike is being crated and will land in Vegas next Thursday, the same day as us. It’ll just be a case of breaking it out of customs and hitting the open road.



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