Humble gratitude

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Well I’ll be darned, this chap I’ve pictured with – Eg was his name but I need to check spelling – flagged me down yesterday as I was riding north to Chaing Mai. He was on a scooter with his girlfriend and curious about me and Dot. We stopped and chatted for a while. He spoke decent English and we had a right old yarn about stuff. Finally we said goodbye and rode away. Ten minutes later he’s by the roadside waving me down. I stopped. I wondered what was wrong. And then he handed me his jacket and said it was a souvenir. I nearly welled up. Here was a chap who earned 100 quid a month in a factory giving me – a complete stranger from the other side of the world – his jacket to stop my arms cooking in the sun. Eg, you’re a hero. Thankyou. Then I was touched again, this time by a man I’d not even talked to who paid for my lunch before silently leaving. In this state he probably thought I was homeless but still, that’s kindness on and goodwill on another level. Last night I slept in my tent in a field by the road, when I stopped at a place for breakfast this morning the owner gave me a statue of Budha as a gift. Later I stopped at a bike shop to admire his collection of vintage C90s and the owner of the place gave me a couple of stickers and a new map of Thailand because he saw that mine was ripped. All that’s made me conclude; I love Thailand. I love its people.

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