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A quick one because my time’s nearly up on the internet but it’s now 9.09 am. I’m in Bangkok and about to go try and sort out these visas. Just looked at the Iranian website and it didn’t look a problem. Couldn’t find much on the Pakistan website but will drop by their embassy today. That and find a man with an electronic brain to fix my laptop and computer. Can’t believe they’ve both broken. Buggers.

And went for a stroll around the notorious backpackers/sleavy/dirty/sinful part of town last night and loved it. It wasn’t a bit like I imagined. There were no sex shows or ping pongs flying. Just people sauntering through this valley of neon light buying cheap t-shirts and noodles from the food stalls lined every inch of the way. No one was drunk or fighting, people were just curious, fascinated, having a good time in a atmosphere that fized and popped in a way that we just never see back home. And what’s so lovely is that while Burgr King, McDonalds and Seven Eleven have moved in town they;re neatly washed out by all the local fellas plying their trade and selling their wares. They still own the street and the big corporates take a back seat. Which is perfect when you want a bit of both.

Anyway, nopw I’m off. Ta ra.

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